Hi there!

I’m Danielle. I live on the south shore of the ridiculously gorgeous Prince Edward Island, Canada. I trained as an Interior Designer, work part-time as a Project Manager in an Architectural firm, and make stuff pretty much every day. I’d love to say that I specialize in something, but the truth is, I don’t. I can't. I do a little bit of everything and, as a result, my work doesn’t have a theme or a running thread of any kind. I know that seems weird, but *shrug* what can I say?

It’s possible that you’re here because you met me at a makers market, a craft fair or a farmer’s market: if that’s the case, I am grateful that you’re checking out my site. If you have any questions about something you saw at my table that isn’t represented here, please drop me a line via the contact tab here.

(Please note: I do not accept commission work. I appreciate the offer, but it's not something I'm capable of providing. You might also find some of my partner John's work here, as well. He does not accept commissions, either. Thanks for understanding.)

Talk soon!

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