Hi there!

US Customers: Please note that as of November 19th, 2020, I can't guarantee that your Christmas order will arrive in time for the holidays. Place your Christmas order at your own risk.

I’m Danielle. I live on the south shore of the ridiculously gorgeous Prince Edward Island, Canada. I trained as an Interior Designer, work part-time as a Project Manager in an Architectural firm, and make stuff pretty much every day. I’d love to say that I specialize in something, but the truth is, I don’t. I can't. I do a little bit of everything and, as a result, my work doesn’t have a theme or a running thread of any kind. I know that seems weird, but *shrug* what can I say?

In addition to my original artwork, rope bowls and bags, and other fibre products like woven scarves, you might also find some of my partner John's work here - he is a very accomplished painter working in oils. On occasion, I may also carry work from other artists or makers, whom I will be sure to credit clearly in the product description.

It’s possible that you’re here because you met me at a makers market, a craft fair or a farmer’s market: if that’s the case, I am grateful that you’re checking out my site. If you have any questions about something you saw at my table that isn’t represented here, please drop me a line via the contact tab here.

(Please note: I do not accept commission work. I appreciate the offer, but it's not something I'm capable of providing.  John does not accept commissions, either. Thanks for understanding.)

Talk soon!

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