Print - Tufted Titmouse with socks


Shipping to United States: Free

It wasn't until I was finished this painting and had posted it for sale that my friend pointed out to me that he's the odd man (bird?) out. You see, he's the only one who is naked (GASP!). That's right. He's naked. Our little exhibitionist loves the socks his friend knitted for him, but he gets warm and sometimes, you just do what you gotta do. It's important to be comfortable, friends.

(Also, it's ok if the word "titmouse" makes you giggle. You're not the only one.)

Finished dimensions: 8" x 10" (20.3 cm x 25.4 cm)

Printed on 140lb watercolour paper and sealed in a biodegradable plastic sleeve, for protection. Un-matted.

Legal imprint